ADYA lyo

We develop partnerships with cooperatives and enterprises with a clear social impact.

We started with Wayanad Social Service Society in Kerala, India. They select, buy, centralize and process the ripened organic fruits according to the seasonal availability. Mostly these fruits are from the broader Wayanad region in the state of Kerala, while some like most mangoes are bought in Tamil Nadu. Our partner not only selects what they believe are the best local fruits, they also check which fruits work best in the freeze-drying process. Important to note that freeze-drying is a process of taking out the water content is each fruit. So we get the essential part of the fruits. All fruit waste is recycled and used as organic manure or for cattle feed. In the end we get pure and organic fruit pieces weighing a lot less in transport.

Our Fruits

‘Red lady’ papaya – 100% papaya and nothing else!

The papaya is a pretty big tropical fruit with orange to red fruit flesh. Very soft and tender, creamy with flowery aroma’s. We work with the Red lady variety. Take a look at the many vitamins and minerals: Vitamin C, Folic acid, Copper, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosporus..  NOTHING is added: no sugars, sweeteners, etc.

Looking for the papaya?

We distribute the papaya  in our shops at 20 gram.

Pineapple ‘Kannara’ – 100% pineapple and nothing else!

The pineapple is one of the most iconical tropical fruits with its typical hard sharp leaves and yellow sweet fruit flesh. The Kannara variety that was selected in Kerala is one of the sweetest in the world. Minerals are very prominent in the pineapple chunks: folic acid, copper, magnesium, potassium,… NOTHING ELSE has been added, no sugars, no sweeteners.

Looking for the pineapple?

We distribute the pineapple in our shops at 20 and 40 gram

Banana ‘Njali Poovan’ – 100% banana and nothing else!

What can we say? The most popular tropical fruit and most probably the most exported one. In Wayanad we chose the Njali Poovan variety. Small creamy snack bananas. Check their rich content: Vitamin B6, copper, magnesium and off course the potassium… NOTHING ELSE is added, no sugars nor sweeteners.

Looking for the banana?

We will be distributing the banana in our shops at 20 and 40 gram. The 20 gram portions are currently out of stock.

Mango ‘Alphonso’ – 100% mango and nothing else

The mango is revered in India as a royal fruit. This Alphonso variety we started with is deep yellow on the outside and is known to be one of the most tender and tasteful of all 1500 varieties available. Freeze-dried cubes are perfect for a bite into this royal fruit. Check out the most present vitamins and minerals: Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, folic acid, copper and potassium… NOTHING ELSE is added, no sugars nor other sweeteners.

Looking for the mango?

We distribute the mango in our shops at 20 and 40 gram.

Coconut ‘East coast tall’ – 100% coconut and nothing else

Everybody knows the coconuts hanging in high palm-like trees in tropic countries. There are not that many varieties, this variety gives more meat then milk or water. The little dices are still containing the creamy oily taste and bite. Besides the oil and saturated fats we mention these minerals: copper, magnesium, potassium, iron and phosporus.

Looking for the coconut?

We distribute the coconut in our shops at 20 and 40 gram.

Jackfruit “Then Varika” – 100% jackfruit and nothing else

This is the least known fruit in our range by far. They are unknown in the West as they were too big to export. In India and elsewhere in South-East Asia they are common. The seed baskets inside are the most nutritious, developing into a trend in the US and UK as a replacement for meat. The taste is hard to describe, the light yellow flesh has a special odour and taste you have to discover. Besides the proteins we have highlighted Vitamin C and kalium as the main nutrients… NOTHING ELSE is added, no sugars, no sweeteners.

Looking for the jackfruit?

We distribute the jackfruit in our shops in 20 and 40 gram.

We also deliver bulk pieces or powders for food industry partners looking for authentic products.
For more info please contact us.
How to Use These Fruits?

Each fruit box explains how you can use them.

Try the pieces in your drinks, smoothies or even plain water (infusion). They will suck up all the humidity and give away their full flavour!

Try them in your breakfast cereals, granola and yoghurt. Slowly the fruits will soften and give their flavour to the bowl you’re having!

And why not add a few bits to your curry, wok or bakeries? We leave to you how subtle or strong you want the fruity taste to develop in the recipe.

Fruits in action!

The Origin of Our Fruits

Our partner Wayanad Social Service Society has about 20 social and professional activities that add value to its 15.000 member families.

They invest in training for organic farming, for starting farmers this often means that the cooperative management helps the farmer to convert from regular farming to organic farming. Several techniques, such as intercropping to enhance harvest quality, the use of fruit and fish waste to fight pest and plant diseases.

Adya already witnessed trainings and visited farmers to hear their story.

A few other activities: microfinancing within governmental programs for small purchases, property improvement. Within the steps to women empowerment we witnessed meetings of the women farmers exchanging experiences and sharing budget questions. There is a boys’ school for youngsters in need of help to move forward to a professional life.

It’s certainly not easy to manage a major cooperative like this. Father John and his team succeed in it and also managed to launch a sales line for the coffee, later on spices and recently the freeze-dried fruits.

With the spices and the fruits we now have a good partnership. All the same, there is a lot to share on the impact the group has in Kerala. This is what we are looking for. Pure and organic food products, local biodiversity support and a clear social impact on the people.

Our fruits are sourced by the Wayanad sales and research unit called Biowin Agro Research. The selection, purchasing, centralizing, freeze-drying and packing is done at Biowin.