ADYA salt
Oryx Desert Salt


This is the all natural salt from within an undercurrent river in the Kalahari desert in South-Africa.

The salt has been there for millions of years and nearby formed into a salt pan. The Oryx Desert Salt team started to dry and collect parts of it for sales in South-Africa. Now the salt is conquering the world for its sweet, natural and balanced taste. Non polluted, no human intervenience in the natural circumstances. The local Mier and Khomani San are involved and were able to develop a lodge for welcoming regional visitors.


Adya imports for the Belgian market the various salt grinders and refill packs Oryx is producing. This very natural balanced salt is probably the most sustainable in its kind.


Oryx Desert Salt in 50 gram and 100 gram glass with ceramic mill. Refill in 500 gram, 2 KG and 20 KG packs

Oryx Desert Salt in Shiraz wine and smoked, 100 gram and refill at 500 gram.

Oryx Desert Salt in mini 1 gram portions.


Adya is distributing from its own stock and currently also started working with the Vleminckx Horeca Service (Rotselaar, Belgium).

Spices from India

Probably the greatest spices on earth come from Kerala in India. For centuries the outside world came to see the marvel of the Malabar pepper, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and turmeric. Roman and Greek traders, Arab merchants, Portuguese and Dutch colonists, all found their way to Kerala.

Adya has studied the spices world in Wayanad district where we have our partner Wayanad Social Service Society. With them we developed the freeze-dried fruits project.

Interested to find out how we will connect the spices?

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