Adya loves India and its biodiversity, that’s for sure. We are working with the fruits and spices from mainly Kerala. More in terms of bulk quantities we also connect to partners in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Maharasthra.

We’re sourcing organic products during our visits to Biofach Germany, Biofach India and our visits to India.

You can connect to Adya for various basic yet nutritionally valuable products such as:

Seeds such as sesame and flax seeds, cumin, fenugreec, fennel, and many more.

Chick peas


Cane sugar

Dedicated sourcing

We are able to source this from partners we screen on their link with the local farmers. Especially in central India farmers suffered and still suffer from the so called Green Revolution. Pesticides were sold and used en masse for Indian farmland promising better crops and yield, especially for export purposes. To the detriment of the farmers’ health, the nutritional value of their crops and the local biodiversity. Land has been abused for the sole purpose of mass production of one or two crops.

From 1980 onwards, people took a stand to this brutal change in traditional farming. Typically for India, a small step from one or two leaders can evoke a major movement towards organic farming in a complete region.

We also mention Ms. Vandana Shiva, writing on the loss of biodiversity in India and how to fight back. Her repeated words to explain the devastation of Indian land and massive loss of biodiversity keep on resonating. See her website

To Adya as well. On our blog and on our site we will write on the essential and universal driver to saveguard our planet: agro-ecology and within it the protection of biodiversity.


We propose this dedicated sourcing and organic field products from India to equally dedicated distributors for direct deliveries.

Contact Adya Bio for more information, requests from both receiving as producing side!