Our Teas

Green tea is trending but has been known for so long for its benefits for our health. The dried leaves of the Camilla sinensis are wide spread for centuries now and conquering the hearts of many. In 2016 we started working with the etnic Red Dao minority in the North of Vietnam. The Red Dao live in the high hills in a few northern provinces close to the border with China. Their tea is the Camilla sinensis assamica, which is not completely the same as the regular Chinese green tea.

The Red Dao cultivate their Shan tea trees for generations now, each time passing on their tea knowledge to the children. For now, we buy from them in bulk three kinds of organic green tea. We were able to buy a quantity of 3 organic tea variation in 2017. In 2018 we didn’t get the chance yet.

Pai Hao tea & Snow tea

At the very beginning of the harvesting season the tea leaves are not developed yet. At that time, the Dao pick some of the needles from a selection of trees. This is called white tea, also known as snow tea because it seems like these needles have a soft layer of white dust on them. The Pai Hao tea is the very exquisite first spring picking 2 young leaves including one bud of the leave.

Green tea

The green tea comes in spring, summer and autumns harvest. Typically big leaves, a little less astringent then the Chinese green leaves. Great quality, constantly available.

Red tea

A selection of the green tea leaves is left to ferment for a short while. The processing team stops the fermentation process before the leaves ferment and render black tea. This comes in premium and regular, both exceptional in taste.

On the Origin of Our Tea

In 2015 we met the Fin Ho cooperative during the Biofach fair in Germany. By the end of 2016 we started a first import from their amazing and pretty unknown tea. We connected the tea to a few shops in Belgium. In the summer of 2017 we were honoured to be able to visit the cooperative families at their homeplace in the Province of Ha Giang in the north of Vietnam close to the border with China.

Click here to see our footage of that unforgettable visit.

ADYA interview Miss Nghe from Karl on Vimeo.

The cooperative exists of 45 families of the Red Dao minoity people that profit from a percentage of the total sales, mainly from export to China, Taiwan and on a modest scale, Adya. Another 150 families are not full member but are able to sell to the group and thus have more secured income.

In between us and the cooperative we work with the ONG Helvetas, active in Hanoi, helping Fin Ho to connect to the market and advise in certifications.

Where can You Find the Tea?

Adya distributed the bulk tea from its own warehouse to tea shops.

We are glad to mention these Belgian adoption partners: Javana-Kukicha tea house in Oostende, Sun Mae in Brugge, Puur thee in Gent,  Zenthee in Lokeren, Tea Station in Diest.

We also are active in the Netherlands with the Senza Tea company.

In 2018 we weren’t able to buy new tea so far. Please contact us for your questions or remarks.

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