The Jack of all Fruits

One beauty of Tropics is that it brings out the best of its biodiversity in the scorching heat and dry spell of summer. It’s when most of the indigenous flora and fauna come full circle in life. It’s the season when life restores the earth with blooming flowers and beaming fruits of life with promise...
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Kerala Introduction

If God had to create a country for himself, what would it be like? It is quite obvious that it would be spellbindingly beautiful!? Would it have misty blue-mountains so high that you could almost touch the white clouds?, Striped with thin ribbons of pristine clear-mountain water streams flowing down the lush green slope, the...
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The Royal Highness of the Tropics

When the Portuguese came looking for spices to India through the daunting waves of 4 magnificent seas, least did they expect to present themselves at the behest of “The King of Fruits”. Locally known by the name “Manga” in the South-western Indian State of Kerala, soon became known by the same name in Portuguese and...
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Origins of the Human-Head

Cut the halves into smaller pieces and place in a large pot of water with a steam basket to keep the pumpkin pieces from touching the water.
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