Brand new in August 2019 – Freeze dried blueberries

Adya is all about freeze dried fruits. We discovered the taste and background of 6 tropical fruits. Now people also ask us about European fruits like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. They were right to do so!

We started working this year with a few Polish producers. It seems that freeze drying is also well established in this country. And for once, it doesn’t take tropical travels to go and see our producing partners.

We will pursue our quest for freeze dried strawberries and raspberries, but we start with the blueberries. The ones we selected are known as the Patriot variety, a bit bigger and less sour-sweet then the smaller ones we found. This way they are great as a snack on the go and as an ingredient in cereals, yoghurts, smoothies and so much more.

We start in the 30 Bioplanet supermarkets in Belgium in August 2019 and will from September on offer them to all current shops selling our tropical fruits.

They will be available in 30 gram family portion and 15 gram take away, just like our other fruits.

Here’s a sneak preview on the 30 gram box. Hope you like it!


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