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Awareness, Knowledge and Intelligence – these three terms have single handedly defined the trajectory of human evolution. If you are wondering how, you are entitled to! That’s your intelligence speaking. Most living beings in our world have the ability to be aware and have knowledge what is what, but predominantly limited to their life circle. A dog is aware that there is a fire when it sees it, if it has experienced what fire did to it in the past; it has the knowledge too – that it could be harmful if it played with it. But would a dog apply its awareness and knowledge to harness its energy and apply it for its use? – Most unlikely. But it can work on finding a treat or finding food hidden away from it, because it relates to its survival, not the fire. Another example is of bearded vultures that take the scavenged bones uphigh and drops it to the ground, just so that bones shattered and food could be harvested from these bones.

But, Humans for that matter can do all of this to ensure survival and go beyond in its pursuit to understand and apply the knowledge! That’s INTELLIGENCE for you. A human can look at a bird flying (Awareness), understand the science behind it – like the drag, lift, aerodynamics, propulsion etc. (Knowledge), and apply that knowledge to build something that enabled him to fly, like the birds (Intelligence)! That is the tipping point where Humans championed their survival.

And it all began with understanding Human’s own cradle– the Nature. Homo Sapiens as species were known to be inferior to most of their fellow primates such as the Neanderthals, for instance who were physically and genetically far superior and had great immunity to survive the zingers thrown at them by nature, several million years ago. But when it came to Homo Sapiens, they had their intelligence to cover them. They understood they could fight diseases and ailments too, even if they were physically and genetically inferior. Most medicines, until oil boom were prepared out of natural ingredients. Like in India, there exists and thrives an indigenous medical science called “Ayurveda” that understood the science behind ailments and prescribed specific concoctions prepared out of natural ingredients that were locally available in nature to fight diseases. And it also prescribed that having a balanced food, lifestyle and habits were of prime importance! The history of this indigenous medicinal science goes back to 6000 BC, that’s when in many places humans hadn’t even begun cultivation.

What is fascinating is the fact that the science talks vividly about different categories of tissues, different qualities, surgeryetc. Infact, an Ayurveda practitioner Sushruta (from 6th Century BC)is widely regarded as the father of surgery.

Ayurveda’s Samkhya – the philosophical foundation of Ayurveda describes that a creation expresses itself through the five natural elements – Ether or Space, Air, Fire, Water and, Earth. These elements manifest in the body as 3 basic governing principles Vaata (Air & Ether), Pitta (Fire & Water) & Kapha (Earth & Water). As is the case with most Indian sciences that dealt with treatment of living beings, balance of these 3 governing principles is critical to leading a healthy life. In Ayurveda, balance is emphasized, and suppressing natural urges is considered unhealthy and often leads to disease. For instance, suppressing the urge to sneeze leads to shoulder pain.

Although treatments in Ayurveda involve herbal medicines, used in treating different imbalances in the 3 governing principles within the body, in Ayurveda, correct and balanced food is considered as the most effective medicine. With food, Yoga and Meditation too is used as a package of prescription to treat a disease. Thus, Ayurveda is considered as one of the most holistic ways to treat an ailment in the world. According to theAyurvedic understanding, our body is an amazing engine created by the nature, it has all the tools and right instrumentation required to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. But often, due to the imbalances caused by the fuel, the engine suffers, which most definitely leads to wear and tear of the engine. The right kinds of food can keep our body going and single handedly cure even terminal illnesses and diseases.

As an individual is a product of an ecosystem that he/she is native to, ailments too arise due to an imbalance in the ecosystem and the food that the ecosystem provides. And the key to resolving and curing that disease also is found in the very same ecosystem. Thus an ailment arising inone ecosystem cannot be ideally resolved with solutions from another ecosystem.

It is worth noticing that most of the terminal illnesses and the so called “lifestyle” oriented diseases only appeared in the recent decades, when the degree of stress in daily life increased due to fastpaced, vice-laden lifestyle. Stress and inadequate nutrition often leads to imbalances in the governing principles, which in turn amounts to many lifestyle diseases over time such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cancer, cardio-vascular diseases etc. In many research papers published by the coveted Yoga and Meditation research university in Bangalore, India – S-VYASA, it has pointed out at these reasons and their massive influence in bringing down the quality of health.

When our body ails from a disease, it most essentially craves for certain kinds of food/nutrition. And it is absolutely fascinating how nature has endowed our bodies with such phenomenal powers to resist and fight back the diseases and disorders, if right arsenal (nutrition) is provided. But in the modern times, our ignorance about what constitutes to a balanced diet and the inability to provide that vital nutrition often results in complications and further escalation of the health condition of a patient.

Natural food that is unadulterated and free from chemical influences during its process of production hold the key. And it is imminent for one’s health that conventionally grown food is replaced by the organic, naturally grown food that can effectively boost our immunity against different pathogens around us and at the same time provide and preserve our body with nutrition nature gifted us with. Because, as cliché as it might sound– Health is the ultimate Wealth!

Humans, before they could start walking, they understood their cradle first. They understood what made them and what broke them and, when they took giant leaps, least did they realize that they had their cradle looking out for them. That cradle is Nature. An embodiment of a mother herself.

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