Album 'Hunting for Hills' by Suntapes

Hunting for hills

‘Hunting for hills’ is a newly released album from my brother Tomas, aka Suntapes.

We have this common love for long travels into Asia. We share a desire to discover places and the people living there.  Suntapes has developed a very unique approach to connect to cultural life in several Asian regions. See it as an  adventure, independent and free from guidelines.

Tomas tracked some beautiful traditional instruments in China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, bought some of them and combined their sound in a Belgian studio with his own compositions. The first production after some 15 years of traveling is a spirited record that seems to carry a past and a present, a sound that matches green mountain trekkings as well as misty suburbs, a voice for what is distant and unknown as well as an expression of young, vibrant street life in Asian cities. This is not simply blending music lines, this is a personal record, an instrumental reflection on travel.

Hunting for Hills is out there for you to discover. Take a moment to browse this album and some previously recorded tracks. See if you can trace the lush hills of Kerala, colourful Rajasthan or the endless plains of Tibet. Maybe you detect a sound you’re familiar with. Maybe this record inspires you to find out more or share with other musicians around the world. Let us know!

If your Spotify is open, simply look for Suntapes! For streaming, please check this link to the various platforms. 

For more info on the Suntapes project and the lo-fi tracks, click here.

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