Starting at AS Adventure

Recently we started our sales at the AS Adventure shops in Belgium (20 stores to start with). We got to talk to management at the head quarters because there is a demand for healthy snacks for all kinds of travellers. Our fruits are freeze-dried and therefor easy to consume on the road. AS Adventure reaches out to all those going out for a good walk, a cycling tour or even greater adventures. The fruits can be part of a survival kit or recipe on the go.

One more reason why we love our connection to AS Adventure is their link to local stories from travellers. In a way these stories give a view on travellers and the places they share. Often these stories are linked to local people and their culture. It’s this diversity from around the globe that is highlighted and that we feel connected to.

Meanwhile, people like Nele Gilis (European Champion Squash), Jelle Veyt (7 summits challenge in collaboration with Vayamundo) and others to come pick up our fruits because of the nutritional value and social background they have.

We will share more on our ambassadors via our Instagram and Facebook!


Meanwhile, check us at the AS Adventure and Juttu stores in Belgium!

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