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Adya and Biodiversity

We want to embrace biodiversity en work with groups of farmers embracing it too.

We want to bring you pure and healthy products.

Adya is Mother Earth.

Adya is a discovery.

Join us!


We love ‘Mother Earth’ and want you to discover and value local products. We select products grown in biodiversity. This is good for your health, the protection of Mother Earth and the development of local farmers’ communities.

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Adya promotes the direct delivery from farmers to consumers and develops this vision on the basis of collaboration. We are founded on three pillars: Developing and maintaining local biodiversity, better logistics, and higher quality for consumers.

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Adya works with people and organizations all over the world that share our vision of a more sustainable future. We are proud to be welcomed as part of local communities and global networks alike.

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What we embrace?
For Adya, embracing is about natural food and the people that grow the crops in all silence and respect for their environment. In that way, biodiversity is about our soil, diversity of products and the people we buy it from.
Karl Vanderplaetse Adya
Produits délicieux. Nous avons (re)découverts les fruits sous une autre forme et c'est un délice ! Il n'y en a pas un que nous préférons, on les aime tous !
Jonathan Avau Belgium
Superlekker en 100 % natuurlijk. Ik kreeg een uitgebreide uitleg over het vriesdroogproces van de fruitjes, het aankoopproces van het fruit en het contact dat hij heeft met de lokale organisatie waar hij koopt. Echt lekker fruit ook. De ananas en jackfruit waren mijn favoriet!
Jasmine Van de Wiele België
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