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Je winkelwagen is leeg

February 28, 2022 1 leestijd

As a parent, it is not easy to constantly provide healthy snacks. So many cookies, candy, and snacks have added sugars, dyes and preservatives. Things that a child or teenager does not need at all, but that cause addiction to those products. Eating sugar makes eating even more sugar because it gives that quick kick.

What we try with the Adya range is to go beyond that instant kick. All fruit snacks consist of 1 ingredient, the fruit itself. Dried or freeze-dried into crispy pieces or a smooth ball, you get the natural sugars along with the fibers and vitamins. This ensures a slower and more normal absorption of those sugars. Your body has something to do with it and you have had a healthy snack.

We always pay attention to ease of use. You can easily take all the pieces with you on a walk. You can easily put them in your child's lunch box or sports bag. We all have less time, it has to go fast. If it can go as fast as that classic candy or snack, but you gain in natural nutritional value for your son or daughter, then it is double the profit!

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