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Je winkelwagen is leeg

June 12, 2022 1 leestijd

The Adya trajectory has changed me as a person, made me more aware. By reading and learning about the power of nature and natural food, you also try out more yourself. It doesn't all have to go fast. You don't change overnight. You do get inspired by the steps and results of others. And in turn you can inspire others.

I strongly believe in organic food. I don't care about the label itself. Organic food fits best with the natural food of our ancestors when there was no talk of conventional versus organic. You used to have more with less (less is more) because the inherent nutritional value was simply much higher. Fruit or vegetable fields were not covered with artificial substances, they had to protect themselves and therefore contain more power.

It is the nutritional power of fruits and vegetables that has started to fascinate me. A higher degree of fiber and vitamins is the essence of (mainly organic) fruit and therefore also for snacks. The organic freeze-dried fruit is perfect as a snack because only the water has been removed and all the nutritional value remains. We repeat this every time with every Adya product.

In a next piece I will tell you about plant-based food, our apple range and natural sugars in fruit. There is a lot to tell about it. To offer a variety of fruit in snack form as fuel for every day, on the road, during sports, at school, etc... that is our mission.