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Je winkelwagen is leeg

June 13, 2022 1 leestijd

During the duathlon and mountain bike event of LCMT in Stavelot, I asked the athletes about their experience with fruit or other energy-rich food during exercise. Adya is not that well known yet (that can change) and the presentation of our apple drops and the other organic fruit in bags was therefore a fairly new fact for most participants.

Still, I noticed that there is interest in thinking about the existing bars and energy drinks that everyone knows. What exactly is in that? Are those things the only options? Does it really have to be just about proteins?

That connection with athletes is important to us. They are often just men and women who indulge in their passion in addition to their daily activities. The number of clubs and athletes seems to be increasing. People realize that exercise is important as compensation for sedentary (work) life.

It's great that those clubs allow us to come and have a chat about fruit and natural energy and let them taste it.

In Stavelot I learned that our fruit has the great advantage that it is light and easy to take with you while cycling and walking. Another point is that there is a lot of nutritional value and a good portion of natural sugars in the small pieces. Energy on the go!

And another thing... it's just fruit!