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February 28, 2022 2 leestijd

It is an irreversible trend. After more than 60 years in which we in the West have to deal with an oversupply of processed foods with almost undisclosed artificial additives, the movement to return to natural foods is growing. It is growing because we can no longer ignore the fact that processed food causes illness or at least further exacerbates it.

We call it a movement because we believe it mainly grows from the bottom up. The government is hardly concerned with human health. It is often people with a passion for nature and plant-based food or people with expertise in nutritional sciences who help us on our way. Even though there are sometimes different observations, these core elements always come back and are achievable for every human being.

  • After water, vegetables are at the very top of the list of essential foods for everyone. Try to experience your lunch and dinner with it and see everything else as an afterthought (meat, fish, potatoes, rice…).
  • Fruit is perfect as a snack for everyone.
  • Variety as much as possible in fruit & vegetables. Green, yellow, orange, red, white… they all have so many good nutrients that our body, our digestion, demands.
  • If you give your body healthy, valuable and therefore as little processed food as possible, you will live a more balanced, more natural life.
  • If it is feasible, eat as much organic and plant-based food as possible. Organic because you don't take pesticides and other substances with you when you eat, vegetable because you already find all essential nutrients in them (proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibres).
  • Do it step by step, not starting everything at once is also the message.