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February 28, 2022 1 leestijd

“Fruit is energy. Both fresh and dried fruit provide quick energy for all activities. Ripe fruit is a source of minerals, vitamins, enzymes that not only give your body energy, but also cleanse and deacidify. Fruit therefore also contributes to the recovery of your health!” (The Health Circle, Hilde Demurie, Manteau, 2018).

Fruit is the ideal snack for energy, but you can of course also eat fresh fruit in the morning for breakfast. Most studies recommend not combining too many fruits at once and eating as much ripe and organically grown fruits as possible. In that case you have the nutrients at 100% and you avoid the absorption of residual fractions of pesticides that are used in agriculture. Especially apples, pears and strawberries are fully sprayed during cultivation. Opting for organic is better there.

The freeze-dried fruit is better than fresh fruit to combine with grains and nuts (such as in muesli and granola). The structure of our freeze-dried fruit pieces is also made for it, light, crispy and compact! Freeze-dried fruits are also easier to carry for your activities and also give them that natural energy boost. On our product page you can see photos of the fruit and you can compose your own mix for your breakfast or activities!